Welcome to p5.js

Being in this program, it seems odd to say I’m not actually sure how I want to use computation in my own work. I love interactive spaces and the incorporation of elements of play, but I think because I’m so used to working with my hands and manipulating very physical materials like paper and stone, bringing all of those things together sometimes creates a disconnect in my head. And asking a computer to do the visual creating for me is quite the leap. I know I must like working with it however, as I’ve continued to dabble with different languages over many years. I learned actionScript for games (not much use now, but I made an awesome game about unicorns and donuts once…) and I started teaching myself javascript at one point because it just seemed interesting. It’s always enjoyable, and there are plenty of projects that make me think “wow, I want to do that…” (everything by teamLab for example), so at this point I think I’m just looking forward to learning what exactly I’m capable of doing and pushing that forward.

But before I make the really awesome stuff, it appears I’m going to be making weird faces out of sandwich parts.

We were told to make a drawing of anything and I wouldn’t say making this sketch was difficult, but it could definitely be slow for me at times. The editor itself is easy to use and the p5.js reference page is great as well; but going back and forth between the two made for a slow process.  There were also lots of things I knew I should have been able to do in theory but couldn’t quite figure out how to make work yet (I’m still wrapping my head around translate and rotating the canvas vs. the shape…) so I think I lost a lot of time to just playing around with things that weren’t quite successful.

Check out the actual code here.

I wanted seeds around the inside of my tomato but am still trying to figure out the function to do so easily (instead of making 16 individual ellipses). I also had to keep reminding myself that the holes in my cheese weren’t ACTUAL holes, making it difficult to create anything behind there .

I did eventually make myself rulers (later commented out) which helped make my original guess and check method of placement a little more exact; but in the future I think it will be wise to draw out an actual plan first instead of relying only on an image I’ve thought up. Overall this was fun! Frustrating fun… And I look forward to getting better.