Playing with Switches

Our second week of PComp involved actually setting up a breadboard – LEDs, switches, resistors, and Arduino as power supply. And though I hardly know what the huge assortment of other available parts do yet, these few basic ones? I think I’m ok with; I could get my LED to light up.

However, usually even If I’m feeling pretty ok about something, I need to get my hands on it a few times to work through actually understanding it. I want to make sure I know why something does or doesn’t work. So I went to the help session. It’s nice just to be able to bounce my questions off of someone as they come up like why must a button span the middle of the breadboard??

After getting through the labs ok I wanted to see if I could make something simple on my own. I’d hit soft club and had some scraps of conductive fabric that I wanted to work with to make some sort of switch.


I set this up first as a trial and though it works, I would later cut the holes in my cover too close to the side and have to move the LED’s around a bit. The holes themselves are backed with conductive fabric (scraps I had left over from making a button at soft club) and a wire lead that connects them to the breadboard.