Buttons on Buttons

There was a lot my partner and I wanted to make this do initially… We wanted the buttons to start at a random rotations and spin at a slider┬ácontrolled speed. They also would have been able to change colors! We got at least got the color changing right…. But instead the buttons all just kinda jiggle. We did figure out how to make them spin, but only if they all started at the same point and were generated at the same time instead of in a series. We got to a point where we had to just break it down into pieces and making each one work was it’s own little victory. Some of those little victories were surprising accidents….

Code here!

And though we’re pleased with what we came up with, I would love to figure out how to refer back to a version of something that’s already been drawn and interact with it and the properties it has in that moment. I think I just need to have a lot of practice with objects….