Coloring Book (In progress)

Coloring Book (In progress)

I didn’t make this box! We’re supposed to make an enclosure for something and while the idea of a book occurred to me pretty fast, I’m short on time this week. So Michael’s kindly had this box already available for me to buy.

We’ve started working with motors in PComp so I was hoping to work one in to this project as well. After playing around with  components and a few buttons ripped from an apple keyboard I had a layout I could work with and had figured that the top half would be  functional while the bottom would just give me a chance to experiment with making holes for buttons.



Now I needed a plate to cover it all. I got the measurements for all of my little pieces with the calipers and made my first version out of cardboard just to make sure everything would fit.


It was little tight for the box so I shrunk the size down and widened the component holes just to give everything some wiggle room. I also refined my idea a bit and knew I could probably make the buttons work too if I could fit them all realistically on a breadboard.


And version 2 of my cover was still too snug!


After a little sanding it fits in well but it’s not uniformly straight if you look too closely. My buttons also didn’t fit correctly in the new wooded version. While the width and height are correct, I guessed on the corner radius and apparently guessed wrong. The leftover cutouts from the laser look nice though so those will be my button covers instead.


I still need to add posts in three of the corners to attach the cover to (screws? I like magnets but don’t have any handy… ), actually attach my components, and make some access points for the Arduino in the side.


I wanted to get this post out before it got too late in the day but I’m optimistic! And because I love pop up and interactive books I know that I want to develop the idea of these further so this is a good start. And next time I already have one to look at if and when I want to make my own custom sizes.