Motors and button presses

Being able to count instances of a sensor change using a peak value would have been incredibly helpful last week when trying to figure out how to get my lantern to take a useful reading. My problem then was all the noise but now I know how to get rid of it! And since the lantern box is still put together I can easily change the sketch and see how that works out later.

Servo motor? Also great! So I added a couple LEDs that only turn on within certain ranges of degrees. I then swapped THAT out for an RGB LED thinking this might become the interior of another fabrication project.



Getting the other motor to cooperate was not so successful… We went through it in the help session and could get it to turn on but getting it to respond to a potentiometer was a no go. I tried it following the adafruit lesson and still didn’t have any luck. It turns on, but there’s no variation. It also sounds unfortunately like a dental drill…


I’m Starting to wonder how you control multiple things from a single pin. Can I free up some space on my super messy breadboards and leave myself more output possibilities.