Revenge of the Chickens

Revenge of the Chickens

Made with Carlie and Jingru, this is what comes about when one of your group members brings chicken nuggets to a brainstorming session…

I’ve played around with some animation before but it’s been a while and never with Dragonframe. I’m excited to get back into it! It’s a medium that I really enjoy so this was a nice exercise to brush off some cobwebs.

I constructed some little chickens, Jingru made us a Ronald and we taped on things like arms and wings so that we could move them around when appropriate without worrying about them wiggling around on their own or flying away. We also secured our background and macgyvered a way to hold our camera up with the tripod.


We probably should have come up with something a little more secure (we bumped it a bit…) but this worked out ok. But I think the pacing of this needs some finessing, the entire thing moves at a pretty rapid pace and would benefit from some resting places. I also think it would have been nice to play with the movement of the wings and tails of our chickens as they went along. Just some things to pay attention to next time.