ICM Final Project Proposal

So I love pop-up books…

I love books in general actually but anything I can physically touch and interact with is particularly appealing. And even before my time at ITP started, I was also drawn to the idea of creating interactive environments and spaces that people could play with at a larger scale.

For my final project I’m hoping to bring these two things together and through both ICM and PComp, build a projected environment that works with a pop-book by immersing the reader in a scene that is influenced by the actions taken. It should create a sort of play space. If one person is engaged with the book, then others in the room should still get a sense of existing in that world with them.


Turning the page will change the scene while interacting with certain elements will contribute to it in different ways. Sounds can be triggered, characters can be discovered, and I will be exploring control over the lighting using smart lights with an open API.


Stretch goal? Maybe when certain characters are triggered in the scene together they can interact in specific ways!

But to start, I think I need to focus on creating a scene that transition smoothly, responds appropriately in time, and that has elements that can act as their own entities. I’m excited to see what I can create in the time I have!