Unity for Breakfast

Unity for Breakfast

We finish animation this semester by jumping into some Unity.

But first, we started this experiment by making a character in Fuse and using Mixamo to add some animations to it. I can easily see how someone could get sucked into Fuse for a while with all of the customization you can do but I came out with this green skinned character and gave her some moves.


She doesn’t always look the way I expected her to? Occasionally her arms would fall through her body while I was playing with adjustments and I found out later after dropping her into Unity that one ankle looks pretty broken for some reason when she walks. There’s also an interesting lean that happens during the dancing…

I’d signed up for a game jam a month beforehand and though I didn’t end up having time to stay for the actual game making, I did go to a short Unity workshop they were hosting in the hopes that a little practice would clear some things up.

It’s super simple but we made this –


You can roll the ball and pick up the rotating cubes and that’s not much like what we were assigned to do for class but I got to go through adding controllers again and spending more time getting accustomed to working in Unity was helpful.

I found some breakfast foods in the asset store and along with some other outdoor finds, built a strange waffle campsite to play with my character in.


I need to fix the fact that she can walk through everything and I didn’t exactly give her an intuitive way to turn other than waiting for her to dance in a direction you’re looking for. But at least she’s controllable! And you can download the app here and use the arrow keys to move around.