Homemade Hardware – Project 2

For our next exercise, I think I’m making more lamps!

Earlier I made a color changing light that worked by tapping and now I’m revisiting that in a way. They’ll change by tilting instead of vibration sensing. I want them to influence each other when close together but still remain individuals so that they can potentially be put in different areas.

The main lamp will have a color sensor and fade to the neighboring color when stacked.

The small lamp cycles through colors when tilted independently.

So that the main one isn’t constantly trying to look for a color, there will be a magnet in the bottom of the small lamp that should trip a hall sensor.

I have the tilt to change and color sensing working independently but I still need to figure out how to compensate for the sensor reading the immediate light around it instead of in the next lamp. I may have it blink white when the magnet is sensed and take the reading at that point.