An Hour a Day

Asked to document a day of my life in an hourly format – I chose to do this by taking an audio recording starting from the the time I woke up and then on or around every half hour mark (sometimes hitting it sometimes not…). I would also take a picture to go along with it. Sometimes at the same moment, but that varied a lot more.

And you can find that here.

I can admit that beforehand there was this impulse to want to make what was probably going to be incredibly¬† mundane look a little bit better. Not staged, just…better. But I fought against that! There are many pictures of the floor, the train, tables – often just what my phone is pointing at when I unlock it. However, there were other times when particular things would catch my interest. An elliptical on the sidewalk, a guy playing the guitar, etc. Throughout the day I thought of all of these as records of the things that give the day texture – room tone, the conversations around you, the people on your train.

You become incredibly aware of the time passing. How did I spend that last hour? Is there anything of note? Why do I spend so much time on the train?? And while all that audio may not suggest what I may or may not have accomplished – it does make one more aware of the company they keep. And also the things lost without description. I’m sitting on the stairs in the Kimmel center because my yoga class was overfull. It’s clear I’m sitting at a table at ITP for a while but not that I’ve finished some homework in that time. It’s an interesting play on sharing and not. Most of the details of my life are incredibly obscured and I think it’s because of the methods I chose? But I also think that it’s challenging to share ALL of the tiny details of a day when you’re aiming for quick snippets.