ATTiny meets PIR

Our first assignment for Homemade Hardware is to make a group of marquee letters as a class, each affected by their own sensor. I want to use a PIR to affect how my letter blinks in the presence of people….

In this first week of Fairy Tales we take the time to read about the history of the genre while also delving into the reasons for the prevalence of Cinderella stories especially.

Unity for Breakfast

We finish animation this semester by jumping into some Unity.

Rain Dance

In preparation for learning After Effects we were asked to come up with a story…

Revenge of the Chickens

Made with Carlie and Jingru, this is what comes about when one of your group members brings chicken nuggets to a brainstorming session…


The thing you didn’t know you wanted! It’s midterm time for PComp and though my partner Utsav and I settled on developing what is essentially a very smart coaster to keep you nicely hydrated throughout the day.¬†We figured anyone not…